Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste

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The question I received the most over the past 2 years is “what kind of paste are you using?”

Where I find most fondants too soft or too sticky and working with tylose is difficult to explain in video’s and tutorials.
My quest was to find or develop the perfect modelling paste!

Finally I can present you “Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste”

What makes Cake Dutchess modelling paste so special compared to other pastes?

– Stays in shape perfectly
– Firm but still pliable
– Doesn’t dry out but keeps it’s shape
– No tylose needed
– Smooth and shiny texture
– You can leave it out of the plastic bag when working
– Easy to colour with foodcolouring

This paste is great if you are a beginner because you can still change things after a couple of hours and the paste won’t show cracks.
But also if you are an advanced modeller you will find this paste easy to use for difficult projects!


  1. Sara

    Profesora, buenas tardes, soy de Perù y se me hace difìcil la compra ,habrà un distribuidoro poron line nos enseñara ha hacerla, en caso que oa cuanto esta

  2. Jill condell

    Hi I am interested in stocking your modelling paste in my shop I am based in Ireland

    Kindest regards
    Jill Condell

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