Filming a Craftsy Class

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You know most of the time when they say “when something is too good to be true, it is probably not true at all”

But what if it is?

Back in January I received that “too good to be true” e-mail. Craftsy was reaching out to me if I would be interested to film a class with them.
Me? Film tutorials for Craftsy? If you have seen my setup on my Facebook page. It’s basically no more that a small camera at my round kitchen table, never enough space at the table.


It was at that moment, I realised the work I do at home when the boys are not distracting me, really went out in this world and apparently reached the right person at the right time.

I started making Cake Toppers when we moved to the UK and had to give up my Cake Business in the Netherlands. Doing some easy modelling helped me to kill some time while settling in to a new country.
So I started to specialize in what I loved the most when decorating cakes but never had actual time for.
I mean Cake Toppers can take up so much time to create and when you need to run a business you don’t have time to spend hours on them.

So when I made my first tutorial for an audience of about 400 people, it was really well received and ended up being shared on one of the “big pages” Sweetopia.
From there my page growed rapidly and I started to make more easy to follow modelling tutorials.
First with pictures, later with video. I really worked hard to create my own unique Cake Dutchess style, using simple shapes and easy techniques that work with a lot of different characters. In March this year I achieved an amazing milestone, 200.000 likes on my Facebook page.


There has been a moment when I said to my husband that filming for Craftsy would be one of my ultimate goals but probably one I would never achieve. So when they e-mailed me I think I found myself in disbelief for a couple of days.
Until I came to realise that THIS was real and that they REALLY wanted me to film there. Till the moment I actually stepped on the plane I think I still couldn’t believe it to the fully 100%.

What started as a hobby to kill some time had got me on a plane to America two years later and for not just a company but CRAFTSY!


From the moment I got there everything was sorted. Craftsy arranged my flight and pick up to a fabulous hotel with a warm cookie on arrival. Something that I could appreciate very much after travelling for almost 20 hours including running on my socks at Houston Airport to catch my connection and not finding my luggage at Denver.
Luckily they delivered it to the Hotel later that night.

Next day I got to meet my producer Stephanie, she is been amazing.
And she proved herself again to be a great producer when she managed to get a 4th camera on set just to get the best close-ups for this class. She did an amazing job at guiding me trough this entire process.
I got two prep days to get everything ready and also to recover a bit from the jet-lag and altitude change. If you imagine that I normally live below sea level and had to film in the ‘mile-high city’ then your body need some adjusting.
Luckily you get plenty water everywhere, so it’s easy to keep yourself hydrated.

On Wednesday was the rehearsal day. I’m glad we did rehearsals. When you stand in front of the camera it’s not all about modelling, it’s about performing, how to stand, how to keep your hands, how to say or explain something and that was really difficult but with some practice it definitely got better.
One less thing to worry about is how you look in front of the camera. Danica the Make Up artist of Craftsy turned me from the jet lagged zombie in to a super star in no time. I was so thankful for that haha!

makeup makeup2 schedule

Thursday and Friday were the filming days and both days we finished earlier than expected, I guess that is a good thing! I got a sneak peak from the Marketing department when they photographed my work and holy cake batman they know how to make your work look GOOD.

Everyone at Craftsy is so dedicated to their job that it feels amazing to be part of such a creative and talented team.

For me this was an experience that I will NEVER forget, I made memories that I will treasure forever and I’m really proud of what I have accomplished.

The class is made for everyone who wants to be better and faster at modelling, beginners or people with a little bit experience. I’ve put my heart and soul in this and I know Craftsy does the same. I can’t wait to show you the outcome!

Check out all the amazing classes they offer at



  1. Joly diaz

    This brings sooo many amazing memories !!! Congrats on your always fabulous journey.

    1. Author
      Cake Dutchess

      Oh Joly, your class was one of the first they sent me to watch in order to prepare for it 🙂
      It really was an amazing experience!!

  2. Julie

    What a dream come true. And it was as wonderful as you had dreamed!!! Looking forward to watching.

  3. Alieke van Eijkelenborg

    Super gaaf, ik heb de les ook gekocht, koop graag bij Craftsy. Kin het niet laten deze niet te bestellen. You rock girl. Keep up the good work!

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