Adorable Animal Toppers now on Craftsy!

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I’m so very proud to tell you that my Craftsy Class has been launched this week.

Creating this class has been a dream come true and my biggest milestone achievement so far. I have never been more proud of something.


In this class I’m going to teach you to get comfortable with detailed modeling techniques, sure to transform your go-to animal cake toppers into eye-catching displays. When you buy this class you get a life time access to 6 HD lessons where I show you how to make different animals like cats, dogs, jungle characters and even an entire penguin family!


Each lesson is between 10 and 20 minutes long and filmed from different angles so you get the best close ups, it’s like me teaching in your own home, at your pace any time of the day!
You can play back, pauze and ask questions on the student platform and please don’t forget to post photo’s of your work, I would love to see your results!

I really hope this class is going to give you the confidence about hand modeling and that things might not be as difficult as they look when I break it down in to easy to follow steps. I’m sure you are going to achieve great results when following this class and it’s perfect for beginners and to do those that have a little bit more experience but want to become faster in modeling.

Best thing is you can get the class with 50% discount through this blog!

Enroll today!


  1. mandy

    Please can you make one of the paw patrol gang please, or please share your wisdom with me on how id go about doing it myself. xx tia xx

  2. Loretta Rivera

    Do you not sell these animals? Looking for something for my grandsons birthday but not in anyway a crafty person.

    1. Author
      Cake Dutchess

      Unfortunately I don’t sell cake toppers at the moment but I’m sure you could do this too, even when you feel you are not really a crafty person! 🙂

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