Moved to Scotland

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Maybe you have noticed I have been a little bit quieter on the Facebook page and website this month.
SoΒ in case you missed it, I moved to Scotland with my family in the first week of June. An exciting journey for us because my husband found a job at Glasgow Airport.

Now three weeks later, we finally start to settle in, after taking some time to get used to the new scenery as a family.
Scotland is really beautiful and I can’t wait to start exploring the rest of the country.


The best part of working on Cake Dutchess is that I’m not ‘home’ bound. I can continue working on Cake Dutchess here as I did in the Netherlands!
Though it might still take some time to find a good work routine again and childcare for the kids.

But my workspace has finally been set up!

It still needs some decorating and extra storage space but it is functional right now. I’m eager to start working on new tutorials again and I have a lot more projects up my sleeve.
If you want to know what those projects are, keep a close eye on my website as I’m going to use my blog a lot more from now on!


So behind the scenes we are not sitting still either, we are working hard on the new changes to the website and blog. You are in for a real treat soon!

Stay tuned! πŸ™‚


  1. Susan

    Welcome to Scotland! (Ironically I am reading in Maastricht, as we are on our holidays here) I hope you settle here well!

  2. Vee

    Congratulations on your move, Scotland is the most beautiful country. I am a wee bit biased being Scottish! I live in Spain now, but it’s were my heart is The Scottish people are very lucky to have you making your cakes for them.

  3. Lynnette

    Welcome to Scotland. Hope you and your family are very happy here x

  4. Lynda

    Welcome to Scotland, I’m not far from your hubbies new place of employment. Good luck

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