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I have been on Patreon for a while, a platform where people (that support me with a small pledge) are able to watch my video’s on normal speed.

This is going to change, currently a new website is being built. The website is going to be the ‘main hub’ for all Cake Dutchess tutorials. Your place to be if you want to learn about modeling cute and adorable figures.

So many of my content is going to be free again but I could still use your support! Read on why 🙂

What is Patreon?

Patreon enables fans to give ongoing support to their favourite creators who release new content regularly, just like myself, I will still be doing things for free but with your help I can produce more tutorials and hopefully my book!

On Patreon you decide which amount you want to pledge and for how long, you can stop or pauze at any time. There is no hidden contract.


Why am I on Patreon?

Because I want to write and self publish my first Modeling Book. I’ve already decided on the theme “Animals Around the World”
My Patrons (Patrons are people who generously offer their financial support to their favourite creators) helped me to decide on the actual content.
The book will have 10 Cake Topper projects featuring an animal on this earth.

This is the list we have come up with so far!

Madagascar – Lemur (thanks to Kayla Larkin)
Scotland – Highland Cow (thanks to Debbie Grimshaw and Elspeth)
New Zealand – Albatross (thanks to Harriet Dangerfield)
North America – Otter (thanks to Iowa Cake Lady)
Denmark – Swan (thanks to Mia-Maja Hansen)
Japan – Koi Carp (thanks to Keeley Bowering)
South Pole – Penguins (thanks to Barbie Bakes Cakes)

Why I need your support?

Cake Dutchess is a small but growing company, one of my biggest accomplishments is introducing my own brand modeling paste and of course my first Craftsy Class. We are busy with a lot more exciting things for the future.

The book will be my next big accomplishment. You can invest in the book by pledging $5 per month while I work on the content and if you are a succesful Patron for 6 months, you get yourself a ‘free’ copy!

For $5 a month, you will get all the sneak peaks and previews and you may actually help with the content!

Support me here:

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