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It’s Monday! Which means it’s time for a new tutorial.

Are you getting excited for the Monday yet? Yes? Good! Because that is how I want you to feel every time you return to my blog 🙂

The dogs I made previously have been very popular, so I wanted to treat you to another one. I’ve asked which dog breed I should make next and the border collie came up a couple of times. Thank you for your input on that!

This dog is a variation on the EXTREMELY popular dog that I created for my Craftsy Class. If you want to learn more about making Adorable Animal Cake Toppers I can offer you a 50% discount on my Class! A must have class if you like following my tutorials and want to learn more about modelling.

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Craftsy Dogs

Things you need to create a Border Collie cake topper:

130 gram Cake Dutchess Modeling Paste (BUY HERE)
90 gram natural white
40 gram coloured black
2 Black Dragées
Ball Tool
Dresden Tool
Needle Tool
Cone Tool
Water and brush for attaching pieces together

Watch the video below on normal speed, SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more video’s!


1) Roll 25 gram of black modeling Paste in to a ball shape for the head

2) Create a teardrop shape of white modeling paste, make it flat and place this in the middle with the point down.

3) Roll a white gumball sized ball and place this on the pointy end of the teardrop to create the snout

4) Use the Dresden tool to make an indent in the middle and add a little black nose, make nostrils using the same tool

5) Roll a tiny ball shape and place this underneath and press it a little bit flat

6) Use the Ball tool to create the eye sockets and use the other end of the Cone tool to create a hole for the black dragées for the eyes and add those using a little bit of water

7) Use the Dresden tool to create furry look

8) Create the ears from two flat teardrop shapes

9) Use 60 gram of white modeling paste for the body and form this in to a pear shape

10) Roll out a flat oval shape of black modeling paste and attach this to the back

11) Attach a tuft and create the furry look with the Dresden tool

12) Create the front legs of two long teardrop shapes and create the paws with the needle tool

13) Make the back paws with two balls and two tiny teardrop shapes

14) Make the tail of a long teardrop shape and add some fur texture, attach at the back.

15) Don’t forget to share your results with me!



  1. Susan Dooney

    Very clever but you just need to add a white tip to the tail………all border collies have a white tipped tails.

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