How to use Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste – A guide

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I hear you saying “You make it look so easy!”

Often when things look easy to you, they really are. That being said, working with the best available products really helps with your achievements.

My figures aren’t complicated, so you should be able to use any medium you are comfortable with! Although keep in mind, not every fondant or gumpaste is the same and sometimes working with the wrong kind of paste can really ruin your experience.

When I started modelling, I tested almost every single product on the market.
Some were really good for modelling and others were really bad. Not saying that it was a bad brand but most pastes just dried out too fast for modelling! Some were too sticky and others too soft..

So I looked at all the things that I didn’t like about fondant and gumpaste. I don’t like sticky fingers so the paste should not be sticky.
I also don’t like working under time pressure when the paste starts to crack if you leave it too long. So I wanted longer drying times.
I don’t like a soft paste that every time I slightly touch it, I mess up the shape. So I needed a firm paste.
Also temperature shouldn’t be a big deal because I would like to model in winter and summer.

After a lot of testing I was finally satisfied with Cake Dutchess modelling paste and now I really want to present this to you!
I understand that some things are very natural about this paste to me, might be strange to someone using it for the first time.
So that is why I wrote this little guide on how to use my paste.

Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste comes in tubs of 1KG

It’s a natural white sugar paste, no extra white foodcolouring added. So when you cut off a piece you might see some white / yellow’ish grain but this is completely normal. Because no extra white is added, the paste is very easy to colour and easy to achieve vibrant colours too.

When you open the tub and take out the paste you feel that it’s very firm, this is also very normal.
It’s impossible to knead it all at once, so you have to cut off small pieces at the time. You don’t need to cover a cake with it, just cut off the amount you need for your project.



See below a short video how I knead the paste myself.

So when kneading is done you have a very easy paste to work with and it keeps shape very well. You are able to work with tiny details even if you have really hot hands.
Check out the video below how the paste holds it’s shape.

Because the paste doesn’t dry out as quickly as gumpaste does and isn’t too soft as fondant, you are able to roll it out really really thin without tearing or cracking, even when you work with it for quite a while.
So this is absolutely perfect for making clothes on your figures or even all those ruffles on a cake!

You can make figures up to two weeks in advance to keep them fresh and edible, you can keep them much longer but I would not recommend eating. Although no harm is done if your kid decides to take a nibble of your project after a couple of weeks (my kids are still healthy and they did this numerous times..)

If you let your figure dry for 24 hours it becomes very strong and you can easily pick it up to transfer it to a cake.

Well I really hope this little guide was helpful! If you still have questions please ask them in a comment below and I will answer them.

Cake Dutchess modelling paste is available in our webshop as a starter package and at various retailers in different countries!


  1. Gunilla Wester

    Just wish I could get it somewhere. Live on wrong place to get hold of your modelling paste unfortunately. Your little figures are so qute.

    1. Author
      Cake Dutchess

      Not very soon I’m afraid, till we found a retailer that wants to work with us on larger scale because the shipping is very expensive. We can ship worldwide from our webshop but it’s the same issue with shipping.

  2. Tracie

    Hi just wondering who may be your retailer in Australia ? Thanks

    1. Author
      Cake Dutchess

      Unfortunately we don’t have a retailer in Australia yet, we have been searching for one but in order to make it profitable they need to order a large quantity of the product. So it’s a high risk for a retailer, though the demand is high 🙂

    1. Author
      Cake Dutchess

      Hi Claire,

      The best way to add colour is to already knead the paste till it feels nice and soft. You make a small hole in the middle with your thumb and add a few drops of food colour (gel or powder) fold the colour in. Best to wear gloves if you don’t want stains on your hands. You knead it like normal dough till all the colour is absorbed and you have a nice even colour! 🙂

  3. Claire

    Thankyou very much 🙂 looking forward to trying it to make a digger for a special construction cake! Wish me luck 😉 x

  4. Dorothy Johnson

    Hi, I have just bought a tub of your modelling paste, and I was wondering how long it stays workable once the tub has been opened?

    1. Author
      Cake Dutchess

      Hi Dorothy, if you store it in a airtight plastic bag and in tub with the lit on, shelf life will be at least 1 year once the tub has opened 🙂

  5. Monika

    Does this work the same as modeling chocolate. Can you blend it together and not have a seam? I would love to try it, but want to make sure it works the same. Can you sculpt with it?

    1. Author
      Cake Dutchess

      Hi Monika! It doesn’t really work the same as modeling chocolate because sugarpaste and modeling chocolate are just too different to compare to each other and both have their strength and weaknesses. Modeling Chocolate melts when heated up in the warmth of your hands and this modeling paste will get a bit softer but doesn’t melt. Because of the vegetable oils in the paste it’s possible to smooth out a seam, I usually use a Dresden tool for this. Sculpting is also possible but for some things it’s easier to use modeling chocolate while for other things this modeling paste is better!
      Not sure if you have seen my Mouse and the clock, I used a combination of modeling chocolate and Cake Dutchess Modeling paste for that project 🙂
      Why not give it a try!?

  6. Kiran

    Hi…I just came up to know abt ur product …can u please tell me if i can ourahase any of ur item and deliever into Pakistan. My residence is in islamabad-Pakistan

  7. Janet Thacker

    Hi. How long does it take to dry the product sufficient for flower making. After 40 minutes I still cannot assemble a lily as petals still floppy?

    1. Author
      Cake Dutchess

      Dear Janet,

      The paste is unfortunately not the best paste for flower making, I wanted a longer drying time to prevent things like cracking and elephant skin. So it can take up to 24 hours before it’s fully dry but it probably still won’t be as dry as gumpaste for example.

      Main purpose for the paste is modelling, small (non wired) flowers, ruffles, clothes on figurines, bows etc 🙂

  8. Laura

    Hi I was thinking of getting this but my family like to eat all the figures! I have always made them with regular fondant because gumpaste and modelling paste doesn’t taste very good and is rock hard. If I made the figures near the time would they be soft enough to eat and does it taste more like normal fondant or still have the same taste as other modelling pastes? Creating decent cake toppers with normal fondant is really tricky for me and would love an alternative that people would still like to eat.

    1. Author
      Cake Dutchess

      Hi Laura,

      The taste is actually very pleasant, a mix of vanilla and marshmellow! My kids love to eat it. This paste will never get so hard that it’s impossible to eat, it’s not like gumpaste. If you make a figure up to 24 hours in advance it will still be a soft paste on the inside the outside will set a bit harder.

      1. Laura

        Thank you for the fast reply! Sounds perfect. I look forward to using it to make the figures on top of my son’s 1st birthday cake which will be jungle themed. I will be attempting the giraffe, elephant and lion from your YouTube channel. Thanks for those too! 🙂

  9. Muriel Townsend

    can you make standing figures eg a woman will it take kindly to having a skewer inserted into the paste ? and will it be solid dry after say a week ?

    1. cakedutchess

      Hi, yes it will be solid after a week but not like rock crazy hard! And standing figures always needed to be supported with skewers 🙂

  10. Dee

    Hi, just received my first ever pot of your modelling paste – really looking forward to creating my first figures with it, they’re for a wedding cake and the bride has a very lacy dress so I wanted something I could roll out really thin for the folds to look as natural as possible 🙂 Wish me luck I’m going in! 😉

    1. cakedutchess

      Ooooh good luck and please share or tag me in your results, I love to see!

  11. Jodie

    Are you on instagram? It’s a great place to get recognised. I’m using your gumpaste for the first time today! Just watched your tutorial… here goes 🙂

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