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Hello everyone!

Welcome back for Tutorial Monday, this week I want to show you how to make a super fast, super easy and still super adorable Owl.
Autumn is on our doorstep and there will be lot’s of Autumn themed cakes coming up.

Picture these cute Owls on top of a wedding cake or for someone who turns 60 this Autumn. The possibilities are endless and you don’t need many tools and experience for them.

What you need:

50 to 100 gram Cake Dutchess Modeling Paste (this depends on the size Owl you want)
Foodcolours Black and Brown
Edible Gold / Brown dusting Powder
Alcohol or Lemon Extract
Optional: Confectioners Glaze for the eyes
Ball Tool
Dresden Tool

What you need to do, see below for video.

1) Start off by making an Oval shape

2) Create two large eye sockets using the Ball Tool

3) Make a hole inside the eye socket

4) Fill these with a ball of Black Modeling Paste

5) Roll a tiny teardrop shape of brown Modeling Paste for the beak

6) Use the Dresden tool to shape the wings

7) Use the other side of the Dresden tool to create the feathers on the belly

8) Make some paint by adding a teaspoon of Edible dust to two teaspoons of Alcohol or Lemon Extract.

9) Paint the back, the wings and between the eyes of the Owl with this solution.

10) Create different sizes and colours to make a family of Owls

11) Don’t forget to share your photo’s with me 🙂

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