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You could be the lucky one to win a free starter package!

We are celebrating the launch of our new website, which we hope you will like, bookmark and visit very often for new tutorials!
And… We now also have a mailing list option.

If you subscribe to this mailing list your name is entered in a prize draw. We will give away three starter packages to three random subscribers ALL OVER THE WORLD!

You can find the subscribe to mailing list on our homepage.

The mailing list will be used for exciting new updates about Cake Dutchess.
For example the Tutorial Book and Modeling Tools that are coming in 2017 but also for any events that Cake Dutchess will attend to! We will al so sent you a monthly update about all new tutorials, so you won’t miss anything.

Thank you for being here and supporting my work! 😀

– Give Away ends at Tuesday, 11 October 6PM CET
– Winners will be announced per e-mail


  1. Christy

    This is an amazing oppertunity, thank you for a chance at winning any one of your 3 wounderful prizes!! For people like me who live on a small island. I cant just run to the store to pick up modeling tools , books IN ENGLISH , fondant or anything else.. it all has to be ordered on line..
    With your new site.. everything will be in one place – yeay!!

  2. Colleen Beckley

    Not available in Canada yet, but I get excited seeing the possibilities!

  3. Linda Chapman

    Would like to be on the mailing list to win one of your wonderful prizes

  4. Jelena lvanovic

    I would like to try your modeling past.
    l lake your tutorials.

  5. Tracey Coueslant

    Thank you for th opportunity to win. I’m just starting out and would love to try this.

  6. Elene L. Mercado

    this is a great chance for me to be able to see your tutorials and get to know your ebooks and products better. thank you

  7. Beverley Parker Swann

    Thanks for the chance to win this super prize.
    Good luck everyone xx

  8. Beverley Parker Swann

    Thanks for the chance to win this super prize. Xx
    Good luck everyone x

  9. Rae Thompson

    This amazing product won’t ship to Canada! I’m dying to win


  10. Amanda Davis

    This would be a great Surprise Christmas gift fir Mom!!! Would live to win it for her!

  11. Angelena cook

    I love your videos and I watched every ones and I will ask if you can make a bugs life cake for me. ..And my name is Angelena I’m from Queensland Australia.

  12. Susie Fisher

    Wow what am awesome opportunity for a beginner like me.. yes please … and thank you for the opportunity

  13. Josie kreamer

    I would love to win one…I have yet to see kit like this in the US.

    Thank you!!

  14. Željka

    Omg im from Slovenia and i would be soooooo happy to win this prize thank you!

  15. Josie kreamer

    I would love to win one…I have yet to see a kit like this in the US!!

  16. Josie kreamer

    Love all the lil creators you make..!
    Thank you for sharing your talent..

  17. Cymoril

    Just subscribed! Fingers& toes crossed… This prize would help me so much making my own wedding cake!!xx

  18. Preksha

    It’s just awesome Cakedutchess!
    With the new website,everything we want comes under a roof!
    And with these adorable giveaways you just prove how generous you’re Cox given your popularity isn’t needed!
    I haven’t won anything in my life, even though I look forward to it ❤️
    Lots of love ❤️

  19. Suzanne

    Since I can’t get it here (Kraków) I have another reason to register for your mailing list!

  20. Trisha Balland

    Love these tutorials, you have helped me so much.
    Your work is amazing!!!

  21. Monika

    Your tutorials are awesome! I see that you connecting people from all over the world on youre page 🙂 best regards from Poland 🙂

  22. Emma Parker

    Thank you for the opportunity 🙂 would love this starter pack. Im gradually adding to my bits and bobs but have hardly anything I need due to cost. I’m sure most of have the same problem. Best of luck everyone 🙂

  23. Lafeedesgatos / Georgi/H

    Hi Etty, I really loved your class on craftsy, my desire is to try do som modeling using your modeling fondant. Since the vendor you refer to me in France doesn’t have the product on the site yet 🙁
    And thank you for the opportunity to let win these lovely 3 products 🙂
    With love from France

  24. Hannah horne

    What a fab opportunity, thank you. I will be trying a lot of your tutorials

  25. Kenya Lopez Reyes

    You have a great talent. I am a huge fan of you ( i am from Mexico ) and i would like to win this fantastic kit 🙂 Thank you for the tutorials, they are amazing like you 😉

  26. Clarissa

    I really hope to learn to do this. I have been watching all the tutorials whenever is up loaded on Facebook. Plz plz ~~ pick me:) pick mewe don’t have this in Canada here yet….

  27. Jacqueline Alvarez

    Please add me to your mailing list I will love to win ❤️❤️

  28. Margaret Dineen

    Thank you for this opportunity. Just landed in Ireland and I know nothing about European brands so I’m hoping to win!!

  29. Sandy Baars

    Love all of the instruction video’s, they’ve really helped me with my skills

  30. Nicola kelly

    Would luv to win this fab prize and be able to create some of your ideas

  31. Adriana Carucci

    Thank yoh for the opportunity. I would love to use your products. Who knows I may get to use it in Better modeling in 10 days. <3
    Where can we get it in USA.

  32. Gaby Espejel

    I’ll be soooo happy to win!!!
    Saludos desde México, eres simplemente la mejor!
    Gracias por la oportunidad de ganar, espero ser una de las felices afortunadas!

  33. Maja

    I have just started to bake and i love to work with fondant! This is a heavenly price for me wiiii

  34. Kathleen Lourenço Sevivas

    Hi from Luxembourg
    I would like to try your products 🙂

  35. Nathalie

    J’adore vos tutos j’attends les nouveaux outils et Je fais une commande aussi DE votre gumpaste… vite vite à bientôt

  36. Diana

    I love the fact that you post some of your work online and it’s accessible to many people that can’t afford to pay at times. I wish you all the best, your work is beautiful!

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