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Hi Everyone,

I believe this is about my third Fox design but foxes are super cute and I believe this design goes perfectly together with the Fawn I made two weeks ago.

I can’t wait to your Autumn and woodland creations! Share them on my Facebook Page or use the #CakeDutchess on Facebook or Instagram.

Things you need to create your own Fox:

110 gram of Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste
Foodcolouring: Orange, Black
Needle Tool
Ball Tool
Bulbous Cone Tool
Water and brush


For the head I used two balls of 30 gr each before I cut these in half.
Body is 45 gram.
Tail is about 30 gram.


1) Roll one ball of orange and one ball of white modelling paste, they need to be the same size

2) Cut these in half

3) Attach the halves of both colours together and roll in your hands till you have a nice round shape again

4) Roll a tictac shape for the snout

5) Make an impression with the needle tool and place a tiny white ball underneath and make this flat

6) Use a tiny black oval shape for the nose

7) Create the eye sockets using the ball tool and create two holes with the other side of the cone tool

8) Fill these holes with a tiny ball of black paste

9) Create the ears out of a white teardrop shape and a tiny black sausage, add these together and create the inner ear using the Cone tool.

10) Make a hole using the Cone tool and attach the ears

11) Make a pears hape for the body and use a flat sausage shape for the white belly

12) Attach two balls of orange paste for the back legs and add two long black teardrop shapes

13) Use two long teardrop shapes for the front legs and create the paw and toes using the needle tool

14) Make a sausage for the tail and indent the ball tool, fill this with some white paste and roll in to a sausage with pointy ends.

15) Attach the tail and make photo’s!

16) Share your photo’s with me on Facebook and Instagram using #CakeDutchess



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