Better Modelling in 10 Days – Challenge

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Ok, I’m going to be really honest with you here.

I’m lazy but I’m also a busy mum of two little boys and usually in the evenings I prefer a glass of wine and Netflix more than anything else.. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and usually I have more than enough inspiration for the weekly tutorial but there are also weeks that I struggle to find the energy.

However sitting down, watching Netflix is not helping me in that case. In fact it only makes it worse..

When you struggle to find the energy, actually the biggest energy boost comes from creating something! Skip Netflix, keep that glass of wine, make sure your work space is nice and tidy and make something you can be proud of.

This is why I decided to do a Modelling Challenge. Ten consecutive days in a row to focus on practice, learning and getting better in modelling.
The only problem is motivation. You know when you want to go to the gym, it really takes a lot of effort to get yourself over there but when you have a friend to support you it’s suddenly much easier!
Support is what I needed in this Challenge so I decided to make this a Facebook event and invite you all and a lot of you have responded.

Together we made up a list of things we would like to improve in!

eindprojectchallengeThe Challenge

I had my talented sister Nanda van Dijk of sketch a design for us, that we are going to recreate in sugar.

Before the Challenge started there was time to do the pre-assesment, creating this model in sugar to the best of your knowledge. The people who completed this pre-assesment can compare their results before and after the Challenge and I can’t wait to see how much they improved after 10 days of practicing.

The Challenge started yesterday and first day was already amazing! People are motivating each other, people are proud of their first achievements, help each other out and this has only been the first day!

It is a bit scary to do my practice in front of a live video but this way I can show people that I make a lot of mistakes too. That it really takes time and effort to create something.


Want to join?

Sorry this Challenge is now in progress and closed. The amount of interest has been overwhelming.
We will definitely do another one so subscribe to my mailing list to be the first one to know about a new Challenge!

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    1. Author

      Don’t forget to send a request to join the group! It’s still possible 🙂

  1. Chantal

    ik had mij zelf al even geleden aangemeld maar ik sta nog steeds op in behandeling op de facebook pagina
    en ik wil zo graag mee doen en starten

    1. Author

      Hoi Chantal, zou je je aanmelding even kunnen annuleren en opnieuw doen? Dan sta je weer bovenaan en kan ik je makkelijker vinden!

  2. Janet Harbon

    I have requested to join FB group but forgot to comment here ….. am I too late now?

  3. Annemieke prins

    Ik wil de volgende ook graag meedoen te schattig wat je maakt wil het ook zo graag leren / verbeteren

  4. Leabdr

    I would love to join your group and progess with you!! Very very beautiful
    Thank you

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