Entering a Competition for the first time

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When I entered myself for the Cake International Competition in Birmingham, I honestly did not know what I was doing or why I was doing it.
I knew the level of skill was going to be extraordinary. To really believe that you have to see things with your own eyes. Even then some people’s artistry is still hard to believe.

Since I don’t have much experience with 100% edible cake sculptures, I entered myself for the much safer class K. A decorative Exhibit. For this class you can use internal support as long as you don’t see it.

Let me explain that in this Class it is not really about cakes anymore or something that you would eat but rather about the achievement of what you can make with edible materials.

For my project I used different edible materials. The plane is made out of self made Pastillage (Carlos Lischetti recipe) mixed with gumpaste, I used Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste for the mechanical parts and I used Gumpaste, Wafer Paper and Flexique for the wings.
I used Royal Icing to attach all the pieces of the plane together and an airbrush for colour.

For the Mouse I used 2 polystyrene balls as the body and covered this with a first layer of modelling chocolate. After this I sculpted the details in the modelling chocolate.
Since Modelling Chocolate is hard to paint (because of the fat) I rolled out a very thin layer of Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste to cover the mouse with.
To smooth out the seems I used a tiny bit of water and a dresden tool. Cake Dutchess Modelling paste worked perfectly for this since it doesn’t dry out so quickly.

Now the mouse was covered in a thin layer of Modelling Paste I could finally use my airbrush for the first time! I was a bit scared and my intention was to keep the mouse mostly white haha. First I airbrushed the lighter colours for the nose, ears and tiny paws.
But I messed up a little so I decided to use a darker colour for the body and it turned out to be really nice! I don’t know how I did it but it still feels as beginners luck haha.

The scarf and other accessories of the mouse are made with Cake Dutchess Modelling paste.
I used a little bit of Confectioners Glaze on the eye and nose for a little shine.

Entering a competition for the first time really gets on your nerves and being professionally judged is a strange feeling but I’m really happy I did this.
I challenged myself doing something out of my comfort zone. It wasn’t perfect, I still have a long way to learn and that is why I’m really happy with my silver.
I have something to work up to next year and winning that gold will be a sweet victory. I know I was close this year!


  1. Trevor Le Grange

    I am amazed at your talent and has been following your work as you well know. You did an excellent piece of art !

    1. Author

      Thank you! Not much difference between Clay and sugar paste only that one of them is edible haha.

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