Practice Challenge!

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Could “Practice Challenges” be the new thing?

What is a Practice Challenge?

Basically it’s a group of people that practice on the same project together and help each other through the process.
So my idea was to organise a 10 day Modelling Challenge.
I asked Nanda ( my sister in law to make a design for us that we had to recreate in sugar.

Because we wanted to practice human figures she designed a really cute baby angel for us.

Does Practice makes Perfect?

I wanted to see if practice would REALLY make a difference and I decided to invite as many people as possible in this journey. Each one on their own level, so we had beginners and more experienced people on board.

In order to be accepted to the group, people had to complete three steps.
First read the FAQ – organising a Challenge is time consuming, it would be more time consuming when people don’t know what they signed up for. Secondly they had to register their interest and request an invite to a special Facebook group.

During the 10 day Challenge I did a daily live broadcast to show my practice, answer questions, hang out with everyone and motivate and encourage people.
We created a “Practice Plan” together that was our guide for 10 days. So we did a day of dedicated arms & hand practice for example and the other day it was facial features.

Arm Practice by Kalida
Facial Practice by Jackie
Preparations by Julie

By taking a daily subject it was possible to completely focus and concentrate on every detail and by uploading photos of your progression there was always someone to give you feedback or praise you for your accomplishments.

Before the start of the Challenge I asked people to do the Pre-Assesment, create the design that Nanda had drawn to the best of your current knowledge. This way would people really see their progress.

Let these pictures speak for themselves to see how much people have improved and more importantly have gained confidence trough this Challenge.

This is just a small collection of the amazing work that has been done by the group.

I will definitely host another Modelling Challenge in the future, just sign up for my newsletter if you want to hear on any updates regarding this.

But you can also host one of these Challenges yourself, just gather a group of friends and pick a subject! I can’t wait to see more of these because one thing I’ve learned and seen through this Challenge is that we are such a supportive community and practising together is so much more fun!


  1. Ieneke Hermse

    This is a realy nice blog. It was indeed a plesant experiance for me. I ‘ve learned a lot and got some sugarfriends as well. Thanks to Etty van Urk who made it possible to meet so many people who like to work with sugar and it is also useful because now I have people to turn to if I have a problem with modeling. And I’ve already tried that and it worked great. I hope that we can get together next year and start another challenge. Thanks again and a blessed Christmas for all.

  2. Ciasteczkonomia

    Once again thanks You Etty. It was amazing experience. You made that I belive my selfe more. I hope that it was the first not last Challenge :-). Regards. Aga Cz

  3. Birgit Fuchsbichler

    What a great time those 10 days have been! Thanks to Etty, who has been one of my muses for quite some time now, I stepped out of my confort zone – and then the magic happened. I met a lot of inspiring people that share my passion of modelling and who gave valuable feedback on my own modelling. I so hope for a another challenge and can highly recommend it to anyone who likes to learn, laugh and see what he or she can actually achieve. <3

  4. Jolanda

    Please inform me when you start the next challenge please..
    I would like to create together too

  5. Julie Nelson

    It was fab , it inspired confidence where there was doubt. It created a group of people across the globe to become friends and inspire each other. Etty was lovely to work with and the modeling paste is amazing. It makes such a nice finished product which compliments the work that we put into our models. Thankyou all for the experience Jules

  6. Ashanti

    This was an awesome experience. It was great being able to connect with people from all over the globe and being inspired by them. It always helps to realise that my doubts are not unique to me and that someone else is facing the same problem. This challenge gave us all a place to come together and figure it out. In the end our skills were greatly improved. I look forward to the next challenge. Thanks Etty!

  7. Kerry healey

    I would love the challenge, I an article in cake magazine, and it was to challenge yourself and see if practice does make perfect, I decided to do a whole month on making faces for figures, I would never have had this confidence to attempt always telling myself I’m not good enough, but I did it and I have made some really good progress and am not afraid to test myself, over that month I learnt a lot from myself, and it gave me the courage to do other projects, I’m just starting to practice on hands, they frighten me to death as professionals make them look so delicate and easy, so I’m going to make just lots of hands, some people might say I’m nuts, but I think if you practice enough you can become better, instead of telling myself I’m not good enough and so I would love to take on a challenge in your next challenge kerry

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