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I’ve been working in the cake industry for many years and there are so many amazing people inspiring me every day!

Of course there are different levels in cake art. But most of us just start as beginners and try to improve ourselves with every project.

I really like this beginner category because it just has so much potential, there is something really fascinating about people just discovering their talents and passion. Every message showing me a “first successful attempt” fills my heart with joy!

The reason why Cake Dutchess exists is because sometimes a person just needs that little push. By following a simple tutorial you may start to realise that it sometimes might not be so hard as it looks and when you’re finally brave enough to start, you’ll discover the possibilities are endless! Unlock your potential!

Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste has been developed to be an absolute stress-free paste. Where other pastes dry out quickly or give cracks or elephant skin, Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste will stay nice and smooth and gives you enough time to work on your project. The paste is firm and sets quickly (but doesn’t dry out!)
Which makes the paste great for beginners!

But I would love to point out that the following Cake Professionals love Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste too! 😀

I got Cake Dutchess new modeling paste in the mail today and had to break it out a do a quick sculpt to see how I liked it…. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Right out of the pail, it smells AMAZING … I had to hold myself back from eating it! No chemical smell at all. I’m s firm, yet not dry! It’s keeps its shape perfectly and I can still manipulate and fiddle with it at my dry climate without any elephant skin! I just LOVE it! I can’t wait to play more!!!Avalon Yarnes
I used Cake Dutchess’s modeling paste to make this and OHMYGOODNESS, it’s amazing. Remember my obsession with the old recipe Wilton fondant for modeling? Well, this is like that, but actually tastes good! It’s super-smooth, easy to cut, doesn’t get elephant skin, dries quickly but you still have lots of modeling time.Lesley Wright
Made this one using Cake Dutchess modelling paste, and I couldn’t stop eating it! Ha ha. Looking forward to her new modelling tools being launched tooZoe Hopkinson
I have to say – I think you have solved every problem with Modelling ! I LOVE it!Raewyn Read
This cake also gave me the opportunity to try out a couple of products I’ve never used before. First off with the Cake Dutchess modelling paste. This stuff is smooth to use, colours beautifully, blends easily and dries in long enough time to work with but quick enough that you’re not waiting for it to dry! Seriously loved working this stuff.Corinna Maguire


  1. Angela norton

    Amazing easy to use ..modelling made easy for any one new or tasty for those little extra bits that happen to look up an say “eat me”well done to cakedutchess looking forward to getting the tool set ..

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