My Story

Just like almost anyone else, Cake Dutchess started from a hobby!

After moving to the United Kingdom, I started to focus more on online teaching. My free video tutorials quickly became more popular on social media and that is what got the ball rolling.

After that I wanted to bring a game changer for edible modelling paste to the market, one that actually does what you want it to do. It colours beautifully, stays in shape and has the perfect drying time.

My Mission

It’s easy to go to a supermarket and buy ingredients to make a cake but it might be hard to find the right tools and advice any for Modelling projects you might have!

With my handy expertise, I know what you might just need to start this new hobby! My mission is to make sugar modelling accessible to anyone and hopefully I’ve been opening a world of new opportunities for you through this website.

The most amazing thing? That I’ve been able to find so many like minded people all over the world and are able to connect with them.


 I absolutely love the paste, I have warm hands and have tried a lot of different brands. The Cake Dutchess Paste is the only one for me. I love it so much that I had to import it to Norway, so that others in my country can try it too – Anita Ingebretsen / Kakeriet

Love the modelling paste very easy to work with and I am able to get a lovely smooth finish to my work. I am quite new to modelling so the fact that I can work it for a while without it drying out is great – Tina Evans / Cakes from the Woodland

I will not use any other product for my modeling projects!!! Cake Dutchess Modeling Paste is my absolute favourite hands down. I have dry hands and never have any issues with cracking right from the first roll to the last no matter what the project! Tints fantastic…bright and bold or soft and delicate. AND I absolutely love that we can buy here in Ontario Canada!!! Denise Guth / Slice my Cake