Rosan Kreeftmeijer Vegter

Cake Dutchess Instructor

The Netherlands

Rosan is a talented cake decorator and teacher. She is the owner of Cutie Pie Bakery with a cosy in house workshop space where she makes cakes and teaches classes to all age categories including children!


Hi, my name is Rosan, 39, happily married to Nico and mom of two little monkeys, Tijn (7) and Liv (5). I have been passionate about cake decorating (and modeling in particular 😊) ever since I was pregnant with my son (2010). Soon thereafter, I started experimenting with modeling fondant cake toppers.

Besides Etty’s modelling classes, I have attended many other modeling masterclasses. It was so much fun, that I decided to take my knowledge and experience to the next level.

So, I started my business (Cutie Pie Bakery) in July of 2015 and since March 2017, I have my own in-house bakery/ workshop space where I create theme cakes for any occasion and teach cake decorating classes to all age categories, including kids.


Location: Nieuwegein - The Netherlands

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