Kayleigh Webster

Cake Dutchess Instructor

United Kingdom

Kayleigh is a talented cake decorator and teacher and runs ‘Sassa’s Cakes’ together with her mum! What a team! Early 2018 they opened up their new stunning showroom and work area and looking forward welcoming you soon!

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Location: Norfolk - United Kingdom

Coming soon!


My cake journey began in 2011 shortly after my second child was born. I wanted to be able to stay at home with my new baby whilst finding a job that made the most of my artistic side and love of baking. My Mum had started her cake business, Sassa’s, a year before and I decided to join her making cake pops and biscuits.

Over time as my skills became more diverse and the popularity of our cakes grew I took on the birthday and celebration cake side of the business. Modelling characters was something I was always a little scared of doing until I tried Cake Dutchess modelling paste. My confidence has grown greatly and now I’m thrilled when I receive an order with a character model involved.

I want to help others who may have that fear of 3D characters to find that actually, it can be a really enjoyable experience with the right materials and techniques.

Sassa’s Cakes has grown over the last 8 years and in early 2018 we opened a showroom and work area. I’m hoping this space will provide a great learning environment for beginners and more experienced modellers alike.

I’m very excited to start teaching as a Cake Dutchess instructor – keep a lookout for class dates coming soon!