Ticket Modelling Challenge

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Become part of a special secret group on Facebook, here you will find like minded people helping you achieve your next modelling goals.

Improve your skills, built friendships in one of our dedicated Cake Dutchess Modelling Challenges.

We hold at least 2 Challenges a year. Please read more about the Challenges in the description below or in my blog.

After payment you will be sent instructions on how to join the group!


What is this Challenge about?

– A Modelling Challenge is about improving our skills in modelling. For 7 consecutive days you will be working very close with me and everyone else participating in this challenge. It is a motivated group of people that will help you to achieve better results!

What subjects will we cover during the Challenge?

– Each Challenge is unique and different, the inspiration for our project comes from the talented Nanda van Dijk of

Can everyone participate?

– Yes, everyone in the world can participate as long as you have a stable internet connection and are able to watch video’s and (optional) live streams on Facebook.

What about the time difference?

– The time difference is not really a problem only for the live cast on Facebook but all the video’s will be available to re-watch. I will look for the best suitable time to do the live cast so that as many people as possible can join.

What is expected from every participant?

– As previously stated: Motivation, dedication and having a lot of fun. The people who committed themselves for 100% in the previous Challenge proved to have the BEST results.

How much time does it take?

– 30 minutes to one hour per day for 7 days. I will do a live cast that you can attend, this will take about 30 minutes. Then you will have your “homework” it is up to you how long you spend on each subject.

What are the costs?

One time payment of £5,- to enter the group!


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