The Cake Dutchess Modelling Guide: Animals

Using simple shapes and easy-to-follow steps, in this book I will teach you the basics of cake decorating and how to create twelve adorable cake toppers!

Perfect for beginners and a treat for experienced cake decorators!

Everything you need to start Modelling!

About to start your own journey in sugar craft but not sure what kind of tools you exactly need?

My webshop got you covered!
All items are handpicked by me because of their usefulness, including my own brand Modelling Paste!

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Learn more about our amazing team of instructors across the globe, or maybe you want to become part of the Cake Dutchess Instructors team yourself?

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Throwback to when I was preparing all the cakes for my book before they were being photographed.

Such a fun project and my book is now available in English and in Dutch 😄

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Good morning! How are you today? 😊 ...

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Easy Bunny Tutorial using Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste 🐰❤️ ...

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Learn how to make Penguins in my Online Class on Monday! Link in bio ❤️ ...

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Sloths remain as popular as ever so here is a cute tutorial how to make one 😊 Using Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste 🧡

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Christmas Wishlist inspiration 😇 ...

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🇳🇱Zoek je nog een leuk cadeautje voor de feestdagen? Geef mijn boek ‘Taarttoppers voor Feestbeesten’ cadeau samen met een emmer Modelling Paste, parels voor oogjes en baking cups heb je een super leuk pakket voor de beginnende of ervaren taart decorateur! 😊 ...

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Want to learn how to make Penguins and Polar bears? You can now sign up for my online class 🧡 Link in bio 🧡

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Hey all,

Few weeks ago I posted that sadly I have to take my tools out of production. Since then I’ve seen a big increase in sales and a lot of happy customers 🧡

I have about 150 sets left in stock and that is the very LAST of them, so if you are looking for a great Christmas present, this is your chance before they turn in to a collectors item 🧡

Link to my webshop in bio 😊

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Want to learn how to make these two? Sign up for my online class 😊 link with instructions how to join, can be found in my bio 🧡 #christmas #cakedutchess #caketopper #class #tutorial #sugarcraft ...

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Sneak peak! 😇 Who would be excited for these? ...

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I love this overview of all the projects in my book 😍 I had so much fun creating each little character and doing the step by step explanations for them, so easy that even kids will understand ❤️

My book is available in English and in Dutch.

English: Cake Dutchess Modelling Guide: Animals

Dutch: Taarttoppers voor Feestbeesten

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How to make a quick and easy bulldog puppy using Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste ☺️ #cakedutchess #caketopper #cakedecorating #cakestv #tutorial #sugarcraft ...

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You can find this cute Halloween bat tutorial up in the blog section of my website! 😊

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Volg mijn workshop tijdens KreaDoe Online! ...

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How to make a cute piglet using Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste 🧡

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I have many people asking me which Modelling Paste I use ☺️

Since I was unhappy with many brands I have developed my own!
This paste is very firm to start with but holds shape perfectly, it has a very smooth appearance and doesn’t stick to your fingers. On top of that it gives you longer working time to finish your project and tastes delicious 😋

Do you have any questions about this Paste? Please let me know in a comment below!

It’s available on or at man different retailers ☺️

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Can’t believe the year is going so fast despite 2020 had been such a struggle.

Many of you might know that I have been going through a burnout that almost took 1,5 years now but I feel I’m finally on my way back up, my motivation and inspiration is slowly coming back to me. I’m also thinking of writing a blog to tell you more about this ☺️

This is what I created last year for Halloween and a free tutorial can be found on my blog. I remember how difficult it was for me to create it when I was not feeling well, but I also remember that so many people were happy with it and I got so many lovely comments! I’m planning to do another one this year ❤️

Stay healthy everyone!

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🇳🇱 Vanwege Corona moeten we helaas veel leuke beurzen missen maar @kreadoe gaat dit jaar gewoon online, met veel creatieve inspiratie en leuke workshops! Binnenkort wanneer de workshops online staan zal ik er iets meer over vertellen! ...

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Playing around with a design for an fennec fox! There are so many cute animals on this planet ☺️ maybe I should turn this in to a tutorial soon. Made with Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste and tools 🧡

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