My Story

Just like almost anyone else, Cake Dutchess started from a hobby!

After moving to the United Kingdom with my family, I started to focus on online teaching. You can find many free video tutorials on this website or on my YouTube Channel. I really hope you enjoy these and if you use one of them don’t forget to share your results with me.

My Mission

Bringing you the best possible products to create amazing cakes and modelling projects, as well as my help in any modelling project you might have.

I love connecting with people all over the world sharing the same passion for Cake Decorating and Modelling. I feel that we speak one language through this hobby!

If you are interested in a Private Class with me, feel free to drop me an email. I’m located on walking distance from Glasgow International Airport.


 I absolutely love the paste, I have warm hands and have tried a lot of different brands. The Cake Dutchess Paste is the only one for me. I love it so much that I had to import it to Norway, so that others in my country can try it too – Anita Ingebretsen / Kakeriet

Love the modelling paste very easy to work with and I am able to get a lovely smooth finish to my work. I am quite new to modelling so the fact that I can work it for a while without it drying out is great – Tina Evans / Cakes from the Woodland

I will not use any other product for my modeling projects!!! Cake Dutchess Modeling Paste is my absolute favourite hands down. I have dry hands and never have any issues with cracking right from the first roll to the last no matter what the project! Tints fantastic…bright and bold or soft and delicate. AND I absolutely love that we can buy here in Ontario Canada!!! Denise Guth / Slice my Cake