The Edible Alphabet

This Collaboration is made by The Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste – Community group on Facebook!

Everyone was assigned to a letter in the Alphabet, they each had to create a cake topper using Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste,
so this Alphabet completely edible and makes it truly unique and a fun way to practice the alphabet with kids!

Underneath each letter you can find details of the artists. Don’t forget to check out their work as they really did an amazing job! 

A stands for..

Avocado by Liz Faulkner
Angel by Anita Ingebretsen
Apple by Etty van Urk

B stands for..

Banana by Kate Jordin
Bees by Deb Williams
Burger by Babs Whelan

C stands for..

Cinderella by Tamara Fenner
Chip by Rianne van Kessel
Cats by Denise Trueman

D stands for..

Dragon by Anita Tapp
Duck by Dee Dannatt
Donut by Sabine Ziebegk

E stands for..

Eeyore by Ann Andrews
Elf by Lisa Cunningham
Eskimo by Becky Rees

F stands for..

Frog by Ingrid van den Brink
Flower by Nina YK
Fairy by Kirsty Pickford

G stands for..

Girl by Mary Williamson
Ghost by Josie Emily Seber
Guinea Pig by Saskia de Knegt

H stands for..

Horse by Tabitha Catherine
Hare by Birgit Fuchsbichler
Hippo by Sharon Perrins

I stands for..

Ice Cream by Sue Freeland
Iron Throne by Kerstin Johnston
Island by Bronwyn Dawn

J stands for..

Jester by Elina Bunyan
Jelly Fish by Michelle Keith
Jigsaw by Rebecca Edmunds

K stands for..

Killer Whale by Kelly Cameron
Kite by Rebecca Fackender
Koala by Helen Lang

L stands for..

Leopard by Laura Jean Howard
Lemur by Deborah Ankrett
Lion by Pien Willemse

M stands for..

Meerkat by Casey Locke
Moon by Jan Holland
Monkey by Cathryn Howard

N stands for..

Noddy by Gina Lewsley
Necklace by Kirti Darolo
Nemo by Sarah Arnold

O stands for..

Owl by Lisa Elliot
Otter by Samantha van der Put
Octopus by Angela Armstrong

P stands for..

Piano made by Stella Hui-Allen
Panda made by Emma Matthews
Porcupine made by Beryl Shaw

Q stands for..

Quilt by Tamarah Calder
Quokka by Monique Bravenboer
Queen Bee by Carin Maidment

R stands for..

Robot by Lynsey Shankland
Robin by Penny Grundon
Rabbit by Christine Kerr

S stands for..

Shoe by Bibo Koh
Sandcastle by Becky Jenkins
Seahorses by Sandra Waaijenborg

T stands for..

Tiger by Mariska Hoogeboom
Turtle by Kirti Darolo
Taxi by Aneeka Casson

U stands for..

Umbrella by Clare Vaz
Umpire by Wendy Matthews
Unicorn by Bonnie van Bogerijen

V stands for..

Vulture by Corinna Maguire
Vole by Vicki Dowley
Vegetables by Fee Kakes

W stands for..

Wonder Woman by Podivjani Muffin
Walrus by Carrie Jones
Where is Wally by Jennifer Nunn

X stands for..

Xylophone by Denise Guth
X-Ray by Linze Beverley Clark
Xantus Hummingbird by Cheri Quinto

Y stands for..

Yo Yo by Nichole Ahlers
Yogi Bear by Elisabeth Petri
Yeti by Linda Schellekens

Z stands for..

Zebra by Julie Andrews
Zodiac Boat by Rosan Vegter
Zeppelin by Leanne Kerr