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Cake Dutchess Modelling Challenge

Over the past year I have been running three different Modelling Challenges in a secret Facebook Group.
Part of the idea was that I needed more time for dedicated practising. Sometimes I can get really busy with everything evolving around Cake Dutchess and my family life that it just becomes impossible to give myself that time to develop my skills.

By allowing myself one week for this Challenge, I needed to create room in my busy schedule. For 10 days long I would spend every day at least 1 hour practising on a project.
Soon I realised this wouldn’t be fun doing alone so I invited people to join me. There was a lot of interest, some just curious to see what I would be doing but other super enthusiastic and grabbed the chance with two hands to practise with me.

But what were we supposed to practice on? For this I asked my Sister in law Nanda van Dijk for help. She is a very talented animator and her sketches are always amazing and inspiring. I asked her if she would like to create a design for us that we could practise on and she happily agreed! Check out her website or Instagram for more of her work!

The first design she made for the Challenge was of this cute little baby angel. I asked people to do a pre-assessment and create the model to the best of their current knowledge and then of course post their final results after 10 days of practising.

Seriously, all the results were amazing.

Next Nanda designed a standing Boy and Girl for our Challenge, as you can see this design was a little bit more tricky but because of that we all learned a lot. For example look at the amazing results of Nayda of W.E Sugarart

When you enter the group, you don’t need to participate in every Challenge. You pay a single fee of €5 to enter the group and you choose which Challenges you would like to do. Though I’m really happy for the dedicated group of people who are really supportive, because practising is so much more fun when doing it together.


The last Challenge we did was about mermaids, personally I enjoyed this one the most because I learned so much and saw so much improvement with every attempt. I’ve always struggled with faces and never like what I create but this time I felt satisfied with my results.

The next Challenge is soon to begin and as a couple people requested this one is going to be an Animal Challenge.
I asked Nanda to design a whimsical animal Totem and I’m already looking forward recreating it.

If you want to join in for next Challenge you can purchase a ticket in my webshop!

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