Learn how to make this cute Bat Cake Topper

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I uploaded a picture tutorial on my blog. I have been focusing so much on video tutorials on Instagram lately that I forgot how convenient picture tutorials actually are.

You can just go back and forth from one photo and in the descriptions you can read how much paste is needed or which tool / colour I used. Trying to explain how I made it in a few easy steps!

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Halloween is just one of my favourite themes and I’m just a little bit disappointed that it’s not really a celebrated day in the Netherlands but one can always organise their own party! This little bat cake topper would certainly make an impression with your guests!

Share your results!

I hope you will have fun making this cute little bat and don’t forget to share your results with me on Facebook or Instagram using #cakedutchess, I can’t wait to see!

Start off with an orange ball shape using ca 100 gram Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste. Alternatively you can cover a polystyrene ball shape. Add the pumpkin texture using a Cake Dutchess Knife / Cone tool.
Press down the top of the pumpkin using your thumb to create some space where the cake topper will be placed.
For the head, roll a large ball shape using 25 grams of Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste, I used Progel black to achieve this colour. Roll two small orange ball shapes for the eyes and two black ball shapes for the nose, one is just a bit smaller than the other.
Create an indent using the large side of the Cake Dutchess ball tool, fill it up with the piece of orange paste and create another indent again.
Use two black sugar pearls (8mm) for the eyes.
Create the nose by attaching the two balls on top of each other and use the knife tool to create the nostrils. I started off with one line in the middle and then added two smaller one on both sides.
For the ears I used two teardrop shapes of approx 3 gram, that I flattened using the palm of my hand. Attach them using some water or edible glue.
Our bat needs a hat! Start off with an orange ball shape, make it a bit flat and add some lines. I used some caramel coloured paste for the stalk, which I also gave some texture using the knife tool.
Here is his cute little face finished!
Create the bats feet using 6 little teardrop shapes.
Take your pumpkin shape and add a toothpick or a skewer. Use 30 gram of black modelling paste to create a pear shape for his body. Attach the little feet and place everything on top of each other. If necessary add another toothpick for stability and attach the head.
Roll out 15 gram of paste in to an oval shape for the wings. Or use the oval cutter from the geometric cutter set. Then cut out two shapes as shown in the picture.
Attach them using a toothpick and some water or edible glue. Now your cute bat is finished and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 🙂