Easter Bunny Sculpting

Sometimes I have this itch..

The itch to sculpt something. Sculpting is different to modelling, whereas I try to use as many easy and basic shapes as possible when I’m modelling with sculpting I’m trying to be as ‘realistic’ or detailed as possible.

For sculpting I also usually use a Modelling Chocolate base! Modelling chocolate feels more like a clay and when warmed up in your hands you can easily work away any seams and smooth out any unevenness.
Now as you can expect from chocolate it can also go really soft from the warmth of your hands that is why I don’t prefer it for Modelling Cake Toppers but use Cake Dutchess paste in stead.

Modelling Chocolate Base

So this Bunny is made from two Polystyrene balls covered with Modelling Chocolate and it was the perfect way to test out the prototypes of my new tools!

Please note I didn’t actually add the ears and front paws yet, I was just looking at the composition. I will add these later and they are made from Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste. But the face and the rest looked good!


Now it might be my inexperience with using the airbrush but I find Modelling Chocolate really hard to airbrush and this is because of the paint just lying on top of the cocoa butter.
Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste is much easier to airbrush but not ideal for sculpts. So what I did is cover the bunny with a really thin layer of Cake Dutchess Paste, you can work away the seems with a little bit of water and when I was finished I added the front paws and ears.

I left this overnight to dry and removed the support the next morning. Time to get out my airbrush!
I have maybe airbrushed 2 or 3 times before and every time it scares me but it also excites me as it can make so much difference.
Having this time lapse function on my phone but never used it I thought it it would be fun to try out!


After Airbrushing I added some finishing touches using Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste. A little rug sack with easter eggs but I can imagine he looks really cute with a bow around his next to or just plain for any bunny lover out there!