Elephant by Aneeka Casson

Where does the Elephant live?

My Elephant lives in the sun-Saharan desert or in west African jungles.

What does the Elephant eat?

An Elephant eats several hundreds of pounds of grass, twigs, fruits and small plants, they spend up to 80% of their day eating!

What makes the Elephant special?

There are several things that make the Elephant special, they are very intelligent animals, they migrate across the plains of Africa in search for the same water spot from the previous year. They’re also very compassionate, they stick together in herds, and when one Elephant does, even years after its death, the other members of the herd will remember and each time they pass the place of the remains, they stop and take a moment to remember their loved one. They’re massively endangered and we must do everything we can to save them!

Submission by Aneeka Casson