1. Roll out a ball shape using Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste coloured with Progel Caramel and make an indent using the ball tool for the eyes.
2. Add two black balls of fondant (or two black sugar pearls) for the eyes and roll out a long sausage shape with pointy end for the snout.
3. Roll the same shape for to cover the eyelids and use a Dresden tool to create the fur effect.
4. Roll out a teardrop shape and make this flat and place it under the snout, don’t forget to add a little nose!
5. Roll another sausage shape and place this one over the middle towards the back. Make sure everything is carved using the dresden tool.
6. Roll out a pear shape for the body and two teardrop shapes for the ears. After attaching the ears you can place the head on the body using a little cocktail stick for support.
7. Roll out a black flat round shape using a small rolling pin and place this over the back of the body. Place two black ball shapes along side the body.
8. Create some extra fur using the dresden tool and roll out two long teardrop shapes for the front paws.
9. Make sure everything looks like fur and if you want you can place a little bow on top to make this Yorkie look extra adorable!

VIDEO available on YouTube: CLICK HERE