I want to keep hearing from you!

We are living in a continuously changing world. Our climate changes, we change, our gadgets change and the way we use social media is changing.

For me social media has always been an outlet to share my tutorials with the world. Later when I started selling my own brand Modelling Paste things got more commercial but still the most favourite thing I like to do is sharing my knowledge and interacting with people who share the same passion for Modelling!

Two years ago I was be able to reach over a million people on Facebook with my free video tutorials, I never had to pay a penny to get seen. I can only guess that this was because you are liking the content that I have been sharing and it motivated me to create more!
My page grew quickly and I’ve had amazing opportunities because of it, I’m thankful for this and I would not have been the same person if there was no Facebook.

Facebook has changed a lot over the years, as more people joined the platform the more crowded the news feeds became. Business pages had to pay in order to get seen. I’ve seen a huge drop in my Facebook page reach. I didn’t like it.. I’ve spend so much time with you and ‘gaining’ you as my followers, you helped me become the person I wanted to become and now Facebook would decide if you were going to see my posts or not. It’s been really frustrating.

Now Facebook has announced that there are more big changes incoming and not in favour of our business pages. So chances are that you are not going to see any posts from me at all in the future and you know what? I don’t want to loose you, because you’re important to me!

But how to stay connected with me?

Join my Facebook Group
Well first of all, you can join my Facebook Group there is however one condition and that is that this group is made for people who use Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste. So before you can join you must answer the question if you are using Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste or perhaps want to try it in the future.

In this group we run collaborations, theme challenges and I post regular updates about Cake Dutchess and new tutorials!

Follow me in Instagram
Although Facebook has always been my preferred platform for the knowledge I wanted to share, I want to be more active on Instagram from now on.
I love this platform for how easy it is to share things. If you ever made something using one of my tutorials or my Modelling Paste don’t forget to use #CakeDutchess so I can see it!

My Instagram name is @CakeDutchess

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I’m having bigger plans for my website, for example I would love to create my own platform where we can share all things about cake decorating and modelling.
Until then if you sign up for my newsletter I will keep you updated on important changes or news!