Mariska van Bers

Cake Dutchess Instructor

The Netherlands

Mariska started out as a hobby baker in 2011 but recently opened up a new shop ‘Next Level Cakes’ together with a friend. The shop features a large workshop area where they hold classes and demo’s.
Nice to point out that Mariska helped me on several big cake shows and I have got to know her as a hard working and talented lady!

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Location: Nieuwe Niedorp - The Netherlands

Tijgertje Class – 24 Juni 13:00


Hello, I am Mariska van Bers and I live in a small town in The Netherlands.
In 2010 I started making cakes as a hobby and in 2011 I started my own business in custom-made cakes: Kaatje Fondant. Most of the time I make birthday cakes, wedding cakes and I teach classes in modelling. I love modelling simple figures. In the past few years I’ve been using Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste and it makes it so much easier to model figures.

I have won a couple of awards in competitions in the Netherlands and one gold award at the Cake & Bake 2018 competition in Essen (Germany). My work has been featured in MjamTaart! magazines. At the end of 2017, I started a brand new cake school, shop and cakery with my partner in crime Nathasja Flapper. Next Level Cakes was born. We have a big classroom in our shop. I hope I will be able to teach all kinds of modelling skills to a lot of people who love modelling just as much as I do.

I’m so excited to start teaching as a Cake Dutchess instructor!