Meet the Artist!

Maybe it’s time to learn a little bit more about me. I can imagine after seeing only my hands in my video’s, you might be wondering “who is this lady?”

My real name is Etty van Urk and as a matter of fact I was also born in a place called Urk. This little fishermans village what used to be an island in the Zuiderzee is now connected to the mainland of the Netherlands.
I’ve lived here pretty much my entire life till I met my husband. He found a job as a pilot at Loganair – Scotlands airline. Needless to say me and my two kids moved to, what was voted, the most beautiful country in the world!

Cake Dutchess

Since spending time abroad, away from friends and family I really started to focus on my talents and ambitions. Cake Dutchess was born, named after my roots as I’m of course will always be Dutch.

My kids are now 3 and 5 and we often go exploring our new home country. Here I find my inspiration in the animals that I see, especially baby animals are my favourite and that is why a lot of my work is inspired by these cute little creatures.

I also enjoy a good serie on Netflix accompanied by my husband and a nice glass of gin & tonic in the weekends.
Now the kids go to school and nursery I sometimes find myself having some quiet time to listen to music and work peacefully on new projects and writing my book.
But the best thing of course, are the cuddles when they get back home!


Family is also really important to me and I’m blessed to have such an amazing one.
I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters and on Sundays there are always big family dinners at my mum and dad.
Talking about my mum and dad, they help me a lot with CakeDutchess in general. Each package that leaves our webshop is carefully packed and shipped by my dad and my mum made cute little gifts that go with every order.

Now we live in Scotland we often get visits from family that spend a few nights, never before I experienced quality time like this. I imagine that is really something that you have to live abroad for.

My family is also a really creative one! Take for example my sister in law Nanda van Dijk, she must have been born with a pencil in her hand. As long as I know her she been so passionate about drawing and animation and has worked quite a portfolio for impressive clients!

She made this cute info graphic about me! Check out her other work at