Platypus by 3 Little Robins Cakery

Where does the Platypus live?

Platypuses live in only one, small area of the world – in the freshwater areas that flow throughout the island of Tasmania and the eastern and southeastern coast of Australia.

What does the Platypus eat?

These Australian mammals are bottom feeders. They scoop up insects and larvae, shellfish, and worms in their bill along with bits of gravel and mud from the bottom. All this material is stored in cheek pouches and, at the surface, mashed for consumption. Platypuses do not have teeth, so the bits of gravel help them to “chew” their meal.

What makes the Platypus special?

The Platypus is a special because it is so incredibly unique. Along with echidnas, Platypuses are grouped in a separate order of mammals known as monotremes, which are distinguished from all other mammals because they lay eggs. The males are venomous too!

Submission by Lisa Robins – 3 Little Robins Cakery