Rita van Frankfoort

Cake Dutchess InstructorNetherlands

Rita is from the Netherlands and already an accredited Wilton and PME instructor. She has her own shop in the south of the Netherlands and is looking forward to add some fun modelling classes to her portfolio!


Location: Heerlen

Coming Soon


Hi everyone,

I’m Rita and a have a shop in Heerlen, in the south of the Netherlands. I started with the cake decorating business in 2010 and became a Wilton Instructor in 2012, next a Pme Teacher in 2013. This is what I really want to do and I did a lot of different things before I found out where my passion lies.

I’m maried to Paul and have two Chinese daughters who are now 17 and 20 years old. The first time I came across cake decorating was with a friend who asked me to join her to a workshop cupcake decorating. I came home that evening and I told my husband: “This is what I want to do” and so it started.

The many different things you can do with cake is what me inspires me the most. The smile on everyone’s face when they see the finished cake made by themselves is why I do it. The fact that it getting eaten and will be gone, so you can start again, is an extra plus.

I’m looking forward to having you in my classes as a Cake Dutchess Instructor to teach you something new and exciting.

Website: www.thecakehouse.nl

mail: info@thecakehouse.nl