The ‘Hard to Achieve’ Set

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Tired of kneading excessive amounts of food coloring in to your paste to achieve those deep dark ‘hard to achieve’ colours like Red, Black, Dark Brown and Navy? We’ve done the work for you and present you the ‘Hard to Achieve’ Set at a discounted set price.

This sugar based Modelling Paste is naturally very firm, you might even say ‘rock hard’ when it comes out of the package but this will only be a little annoying in the beginning.

Just cut off small pieces using a sharp knife and knead together until soft. The paste doesn’t require any tylose powder or CMC powder. As such it stays in shape once moulded, doesn’t sag and also has a very shiny and smooth texture. Because of the perfect drying times for modelling you won’t have to be afraid of the dreaded elephant skin on your projects.


Sugar / Glucose syrup / Non idrogenated vegetable fat palm and palm kernl / Invert sugar syrup / Water / Emulsifier: E471 / palm oil Stabilizer: E414, E415 / Aroma / Flavouring  (contains milk)

The presence of difformity or dots of color does not compromise the quality of the product. These effect disappear when the paste is kneaded. If kept at low temperature, the product can become hard. When kneaded, it regains its malleability. The color of the product may show slight variations due to
the characteristics of the raw materials.


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