Cake Collaborations

Collaborations are a familiar sight in the cake world and a really fun way to go out of your comfort zone or just create something together with like minded people. Collaborations are a fun way to make new friends and explore your skills and talent at the same time.

If you ever wondered how to get in to a collaboration or maybe the thought “I’m not famous enough” has crossed your mind then please think again!

There is a really great Facebook group known as “The Cake Collective” that anyone can join. It’s run by Vicki du Plessis and it’s basically a hub for all cool cake collaborations, you can even try to organise your own!

The Edible Alphabet

I’ve had this collaboration idea on my mind for several months. My two boys have been practising on their ABC’s a lot since they started school and nursery, so I thought it would be a fun and unique way to help them by creating an Edible Alphabet.

I’ve asked in my Cake Dutchess Community Group if people were interested in creating this Alphabet with me and the response was huge. So we didn’t end up with one per letter but made each letter a mini game with objects or characters. This way I could involve more people in the project. There was also a bit of teamwork needed so we didn’t end up with double objects, the group immediately felt more lively when people started sharing their ideas and it was so much fun of seeing it all come together. Everyone really did a great job in creating their pieces!

To me cake collaborations are all about having fun and getting people together, no matter if you are beginner or advanced cake decorator!

My next collaboration idea is already on the table and a lot of people are excited about it, so if you want to participate in the fun? Feel free to join my Cake Dutchess Community Group!

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