To create the moon use a small bowl for the shape, you can also use cake or rice krispies to keep it all edible. I used tin foil because I like to keep my toppers for a while.
Roll out a thick sheet of grey coloured Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste and cover the shape, it looks nice if the paste is still a little bit marbled.
Cut off the excess paste and scoop it underneath like shown in the picture, you can also see the thickness of the paste here.
Use a ball tool to create the craters of the moon, make different sizes.
I used a little bit of black edible dust to give the craters a bit more depth. This is optional of course.
Use 40 gram of Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste and roll an egg shape for the body. Create a little indent at the neck using a ball tool.
Use a long skewer and press it all the way down and place the body straight on the skewer.
Roll a little ball shape and place this inside the indent of the neck, trim the skewer to 1cm sticking out of the body.
Roll 25 gram of Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste in to a ball shape for the helmet and use a sharp scalpel (available in my webshop!) to cut out a round shape for the head.
Use skin coloured paste and roll this in a nice oval shape, place it in the helmet and make sure it doesn’t stick out too much.
Use the scalpel again for the mouth.
Use the Dresden tool for the mouth to open it a bit more and fill it up with a tiny ball of red/pink.
Use the dresden tool again to make this tiny ball flat inside the mouth and create two tiny holes on both sides of the mouth to create the cheeks. I have also rolled out a little white sausage shape to resemble the teeth.
Insert two 4mm black sugar pearls for the eyes and add the nose (tip: create a little hole first and make a little teardrop shape for the nose) roll out three teardrops shapes for the hair.
Roll out a black sausage shape and place this above the hairline.
Back to the body. Use the dresden tool to cut a line down the middle.
You can now place the head on top of the body. Roll out two small white ball shapes and make them flat, place them on each side of the helmet.
Use about 7 grams of Cake Dutchess Paste for the legs and cut off the end to make it easier to attach.
For the shoes roll out two teardrop shapes of which the black teardrop is slightly bigger.
Place both teardrop shapes on top of each other and use a needle tool to create detail on the sole of the shoes.
Place the legs and feet as shown in this image, use a little bit of water or edible glue to stick all the pieces together.
Use a little bit water or edible glue where the belt needs to be attached and roll out a long sausage, place this on the middle and gently make it more flat.
Make some fun little details that you can attach on the belt.
Use about 7 gram of Cake Dutchess Paste for the arms and use the ball tool to create a little indent.
Use the dresden tool to create the elbow.
Roll a snall teardrop shape for the hand and make this a bit flat. Now use the needle tool to cut out a V-shape for the thumb and cut two extra lines for the fingers.
Place the hands first and then the arms, use a little bit of edible glue or water to stick. Finish off with some extra details! I hope you liked making him 🙂

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