Dinosaur Cake Topper

From when I was a kid dinosaurs have always fascinated me, who didn’t own a collection of plastic ones? Now my kids love them to and we have a whole collection lined up when it’s time for a bath!

Lot’s of people have requested more dinosaur tutorials as they make great cake toppers for any prehistoric themed birthday party. The best thing is the receiver could keep the cake topper for a while as it’s made on a wooden board and the structure and shapes are super simple.

I hope you will enjoy this tutorial and don’t forget to share your results using #CakeDutchess

A very basic structure!

– 15cm board with a 4mm drilled hole
– 275 gram of Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste 
– Lollipop stick
Polysterene Shapes 2″ (3cm) for the body 1″ (5cm) for the head

You can find lots of supplies such as Tools, Food Colours and Polystyrene shapes in my webshop!

To get this colour I mixed some Progel Brown and Caramel to white Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste, roll out a nice thick piece and wrap it round the 2″ polystyrene ball, don’t forget to add water to attach the paste to the ball then start rolling firmly in your hand. In the event of air bubbles, just remove the paste to let the air escape and start rolling again till all cracks dissapear.

Cut the lollipop stick in about half ( I used a 20cm lollipop stick) and insert it in to the wooden board. Place the Polysterene ball on the stick, so it looks like it’s floating in the air a little bit. This will prevent your Dinosaur to collapse.

Use about 30 gram of Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste for the legs and form this in a rough and thick teardrop shape.

Stick both of the legs to each side of the body, don’t worry about toes yet we will add those later! Looks a bit like chicken at the moment haha.

For the head you need to cover the smaller polystyrene ball and roll it in to an oval shape. Now you use both of your thumbs at the same time to make an indent for the eye sockets and use a ball tool for the cheeks. Fill up the eye sockets with two balls of white paste, a really small brown ball which you press flat and black and a tiny piece of white. Then roll a sausage shape for the eyebrow to create a little bit more of a ‘angry’ look.

Use a small cone tool to create nostrils and I used a palette knife to make the cut for the mouth, a great little tip I once learned from a friend is to use rice for the teeth!

Insert a skewer for the neck and roll a sausage shape which is on one end a little bit thicker. Make each side flat so it’s easier to attach.

Attach the neck and then the head and this chicken starts to look a lot more like a dino now!

Attach another skewer for the tail and give the tail a little bit time to dry before attaching it.

For the toes you need to roll three brown teardrop shapes and three smaller white teardrop shapes for the nails, make a little hole so it’s easy to insert them.

Before we’re attaching the toes, let’s cover the board first. I made some green royal icing and covered the board with it.

I also made some coloured breadcrumbs using airbrush colours yellow and green, you can sprinkle this on the wet icing which gives a really cool grassy and mossy effect!

Now add the feet and last but not least make two little arms from a sausage shape!

All finished and ready to go on top of a cake and because of the board and non edible structure the receiver can keep it for another while!

In this picture you can see how the Dino is built up in very easy shapes. Are you going to give him a try? I can’t wait to see your Dino’s!

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