To make this Robin I used 50 gram of Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste. Progel colours Red, Brown and Caramel. A round cutter, Ball tool, Rolling Pin and 2 edible sugar pearls for the eyes.
Start off with a round brown ball and roll out some red Modelling Paste to about 3 mm thickness. Use the round cutter to cut out a circle.
Add the circle to the ball and roll out a long line to wrap around the circle, cut off at the bottom.
Use the ball tool to create two indents for the eyes.
In this picture I added the eyes and a small teardrop shape for the beak. I’ve also rolled out teardrop shapes for the feet and two bigger teardrop shapes for the wings which I made a bit flat. I’ve also added three brown teardrop shapes on the head.
Here I’ve attached the wings and the feet and make a tail. This robin is almost finished!
All finished and ready to go on top of a Christmas Cake!