Hello everyone!

I’m really excited to share this because I have teamed up with three of the most talented girls in the Cake Industry to do a Halloween themed tutorial Collaboration together and the end result is amazing!

The witch is made by Zoe Fancy Cakes, the Haunted House by Letterpress Bakery and the Zombie by Crumb Avenue. We managed to get all pieces together in Vancouver Canada where Kylie of Letterpress Bakery did the final assembly and the awesome parallax effect. It was great working with these talented ladies.

Links to the other tutorials:

Zombie by Crumb Avenue

Witch by Zoe Fancy Cakes

Haunted House by Letterpress Bakery

I have made the figure Death! But a not-so-scary version of him πŸ˜‰

1. First of all I started with a template to make the coffin. There are lots of free templates for paper coffins to find so you can just pick one!
For the coffin you can use Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste but remember that it not sets as hard as Gumpaste and takes longer to dry.

2. Cut out all the shapes using a sharp knife or a scalpel.

3. When you have all the pieces, use a dresden tool to create the wood structure. Just make some wiggly stripes in the same direction but be careful you don’t cut all the way through!

Β 4. When you have all the pieces it should look like this! You can also add a little bit of dark brown dust to give it some more effect.

5. Moving on to the base. I have used a 15cm drum (available in my webshop!) for this figure and I made some green and dark brown coloured Royal Icing. Now you have to make sure the coffin is made first and absolutely dry before you place it on the drum.

6. It’s really easy to make grass or moss by using bread crumbs mixed with some airbrush colour green / dark green and yellow.

7. Make sure the Royal Icing is still wet when you put the bread crumbs on so it makes it easier to stick. Now when you put the lid on your coffin this part is all set, let’s move on to our main character!

8. I thought it was easier to explain the next step in a video.Β Check the video below how I made Deaths face! I used a small polystyrene ball inside else the head would become too heavy.

9. Create a long teardrop shaped body with black Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste and insert a skewer. Place the head on top.

10. Use a long wooden Skewer to create the scythe, you can use a little bit of alcohol and black dust to paint the skewer black.

11. Assemble everything together, make a couple of cute little pumpkins for finishing touches and your little “Death” character is finished.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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