Instruction video

Step by step pictures

1. Roll out a ball shape. To achieve this colour, use a really small drop of Progel Caramel and a tiny drop of Progel Orange.
2. Use your fingers to pull out the snout out of the Modelling Paste. If you are having trouble with this step please watch the instruction video.
3. Hold the head between your thumb and finger. Now place the snout flat on a non stick board and make small circles to make it nice and flat.
4. Use both of your finger to shape the head and to make a little indent for the cheeks.
5. Use the ball tool to create the eye sockets and make a little indent right under the nose.
6. Roll out a small ball and make it flat to create the underlip and use the ball tool to make indents for the cheeks.
7. Use the small ball tool to create a little indent for the eyes and insert a little 4mm black sugar pearl.
8. Use a slightly darker shade of Modelling Paste and roll a tiny ball, make it flat and place it on the nose.
9. Use the knife tool to create the nostrils.
10. Roll a pears hape for the body and insert a skewer to hold the head.
11. Roll out long teardrop shapes for the arms and legs and attach them with some water or edible glue.
12. Use the Cone Tool to make a deep gap for the ear and don’t forget to add some wrinkles to the nose using a needle tool.
13. Roll a small teardrop shape and make it flat, fold a pointy end and insert with some water or edible glue.
14. Roll out a long teardrop shape for the little piggie tail and attach it with some water or edible glue.


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