1. Roll out a ball shape, the size of the head determines the size of your character. If you want to go for bigger sizes I would suggest covering a small polystyrene ball else it would be too heavy.
2. Use a ball tool to create the eye sockets and fill them with a small ball of dark brown Modelling Paste. I used Progel Brown and a little bit of Progel Black to achieve this colour.
3. Roll three ball shapes for the snout. Two bigger and one smaller size and attach them using a little bit of water or edible glue.
4. Use a round flat tool to create two indents in both eye sockets and add a cute little black nose!
5. Add a little ball of white Modelling Paste and use the small ball tool to create another indent. Repeat this for the other eye.
6. Add a little ball of brown modelling paste and repeat with an even smaller indent. Now you can insert a small 4mm black sugar pearl.
7. Add a small line over the nose and snout and add some wrinkles by rolling out long teardrop shapes and attach them between the eyes.
8. Roll out two teardrop shapes for the ears and make them flat. Roll the pointy end and attach them above the eyes.
9. Make a pear shape for the body and insert a toothpick, skewer or spaghetti. If you attach the head you can tilt it a little bit to the side for a cuter look.
10. Roll out two teardrop shapes for the legs and use the small ball tool to create these indents for the feet. Fill them up with a small ball of brown paste.
11. Roll out smaller teardrop shapes for the arms and use the Needle Scriber tool to create the paws.
Attach the arms and legs and your cute pug is ready! 🙂

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