Teddy bear Plane

This weekend someone in my Facebook Modelling Group asked if anyone had some ideas for a boy baby shower cake.  From experience I know it’s hard to find inspiration for boys sometimes, but having two boys myself and husband who is pilot it was not difficult to come up with an idea this time!

I always wanted to do something like this and when my friendly neighbour returned me some polystyrene eggs I have borrowed her months ago (totally forgot about them!) I immediately thought that it would be the perfect base for my project.

Now with Easter on our doorstep you might want to stock these eggs up for the rest of the year 😉


Roll out some Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste to 4mm thickness and use the largest oval cutter from the Geometric Cutter set for the wings and cut it in half.
Use the same cutter to cut away the sides to a more rounded shape
Use the smallest oval cutter for the tail
I used the biggest square cutter from the set to cut out two stripes as decoration for the wings.
Now use the middle round cutter in the set for the propeller and give all these pieces at least 3 hours to set (if you are in a hot and humid climate you might prefer to use gumpaste for these pieces)
Roll out the rest of the Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste to 2 to 3mm thickness and make sure the egg is soaked in water and make the paste around the egg a little bit wet to.
Now wrap the eggs with the paste and cut off the excess fondant start rolling the rest in to a nice teardrop shape.
Use a little bit of water and attach a little ball shape to the front
Use the smallest oval cutter again and some black modelling paste to make the ‘seat’
Roll out a sausage shape with two pointy ends and add this as the windshield. For the body of the bear I used some brown (mixed with caramel) modelling paste and cut off the end to make it flat and easier to attach
For the eyes I used two black sugar pearls of 4mm and the rest is Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste. I used a small ball tool to make indents in the ears and goggles.
I have used some raw spaghetti to get the bear in place.
Roll out two teardrop shapes for the paws and optional you can add a little white scarf
When the pieces are firm enough you can start by adding the propeller and I have added a teardrop shape for the nose
You can use some royal icing or edible glue to stick on the wings. Use some tissue to keep the wings in place till they are dry. Because of the polystyrene base you can place him on a skewer or white lollipop stick and it will look as if he’s really flying!

Finished Result

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