First week of September I travelled to the United States for a very fun project and I was really happy to be back at this place after nearly 3 years.

I’ve spend a week in Denver Colorado, if you have been following my story you may now think of a very creative platform.
Yes, it’s Craftsy I’m talking about, though quite recently they have re branded to Bluprint!

Three years ago I have filmed my first class with Craftsy! We created the class “Adorable Animal Toppers”, if you still think… “I have no idea what she is talking about” please check out my class here

Filming with Bluprint / Craftsy is really something different. You work with a complete team of professionals! You have your producer, camera men, make up artists etc. Then there are professional photographers on set and weeks before the shoot you work very closely with someone on the script and content of the course.

For some time I had been sitting on a class idea and I was absolutely delighted that Craftsy / Bluprint wanted to make this with me!

So on the 2nd of September I boarded a plane that would take me to Denver for a new creative adventure but first I had to stop at Newark Liberty Airport. Being part of this amazing cake community has taught me there are friends everywhere in the world and that can result in an amazing layover as I was greeted by Ana Jaramillo of  Artisan Confections by Ana, as it happened to be her birthday that day I got her a little present! She also treated me to a delicious lunch, a visit to Michaels (it’s amazing how much you can do in 3 hours!). I can’t thank her and her husband enough for making a stop at an airport so special!


After another 5 hour flight and a day acclimatising in the hotel (it is the mile high city after all) it was time to report at the Craftsy / Bluprint studio’s.

I was greeted by my lovely producer and by Daniqa, the make up artist, who expertly took care no one would ever notice I had a major jet lag (because 7 hours time difference).

The first day was a rehearsal day, everyone was very busy on making sure the set up was 100% perfect. The table was a bit low and too wobbly but with a few creative solutions it was fixed!
It also gave me some time to create some step outs, if you look closely you may be able to guess the theme of the class.

The next day we filmed the first three lessons and all of the team made me feel really comfortable. Another perk is that the company provides lunches every day, so the first day we had fajitas, the second day we had curry etc, all delicious and very filling!

During those lunches you sit together with the rest and there I happened to meet the one and only Man About Cake! Joshua has a very popular YouTube show if you haven’t already seen it, please check it out. He’s incredibly funny and talented but also a really sweet person. I may have a small cameo on one of his episodes that is airing in November, I will let you know when the time comes 😉

Then before you know it. it was the last day of the week, but perhaps the day everyone had been looking forward to the most.
Because on this day, all the ‘subjects’ of my class would be here for their photo shoot! Are you curious yet?

Let me give you a small teaser 🙂 For the rest of the class you really have to wait till the release date!


And then all of a sudden my part was done! All the footage is now with the editors and I can’t wait to see what they create. Sign up to my newsletter if you want to stay updated about the class release date.

Before flying back home, I had one day off. So once again I reached out to my incredible cake friends in the cake community and luckily I have one who has been born and raised in the Rocky Mountains. The lovely Heather Sherman of Art2eat Cakes picked me up from my hotel for an amazing day of sightseeing!

Literately gasping for air when you stand on 12.000 above sea level at the Guanella Pass.. It was a brilliant day and a brilliant way to say goodbye this adventure!