Xenia Robeson

Cake Dutchess InstructorUnited Kingdom

Xenia started cake decorating in 2011 and worked her way towards her own cake business in 2015. Making the cutest models, she started teaching cake decorating classes in 2017 within her local community.


Location: Essex - United Kingdom



Hi everyone, my name is Xenia and I work from my family home in Essex, UK.

I started making small novelty cakes in 2011 for my family and friends but as I made more and more cakes, I found my passion within this art.
After taking two years off when I had my second child, I finally took the big step and opened my cake business, Xenia’s Cake Creations, in 2015.

Then in 2017 I opened Xenia’s Cake Creations – Tutorials so I was able to offer cake decorating and sugar model tutorials to other bakers and cake decorators worldwide via my website, also one to one classes and live demos within my local community.

I am extremely excited to be working with Cake Dutchess and to be able offer these amazing classes to my students.