Cake Dutchess Modelling Group on Facebook

Chinese New Year has just ended and in the Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste Facebook group we celebrated dedicating a special Theme Challenge to this subject!

First a little explanation what this Facebook Group is about, initially I set up the  group for people who use Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste and to be able to communicate better, troubleshoot any problems and share tips, tricks and results.

More recently I’ve started to take the group a bit more seriously because I feel that together as cake decorators and cake topper creators we make an awesome community!
So in the group we’ve been working on a super fun collaboration (more info on that soon!) and each month we hold a theme challenge. Suggestions for themes are done by members of the group and then we hold a poll to vote for the theme of next month.

So for February we had Chinese New Year as theme – Year of the Dog and I’ve asked to upload any projects related to the theme in the Challenge Album.

There were a lot of great entries and would love to feature a few!

I can’t say much yet but this year of the dog is going to be super special!

Last but not least have you checked out my Basset Hound tutorial on YouTube yet?

If you are interested in joining the Facebook Group please request an invite here