A Cake Dutchess Collaboration

Maybe you have already seen our Edible Alphabet Collaboration? If not please check it out!

I’m super excited to invite YOU to take part in my next world wide cake collaboration and this one is going to be about all the animals that share our planet.

It’s our duty to protect these animals and with this collaboration I would like to raise some awareness. For example where they live, what they eat and what makes them so special, it’s my goal to add as many animals as possible to this list and to do that I need your help!

This will be again a very child friendly project so please involve them to by maybe trying to find the answers for the questions together? My intention is to keep this project open till the end of 2018!

Before you submit there are a few guidelines!
**Failing these guidelines will result in your project not being published


Choose an Animal

Please choose your animal carefully and check if it’s already been submitted. I don’t mind if there are occasionally some double animals but I don’t want to end up with 10 of the same. The quicker you start on a project the more chance you can make the animal of your first choice! But please don’t forget to look at rare of endangered species as well, there are so many animals to choose from and that includes bugs and other small critters to!

Your project can either be a cake, cookie, cake topper and you can use any edible medium you like. If you have made a tutorial for your project, please let me know because I can help you promoting it.

You can upload 1 to 6 images showing your project, you can also show making off photo’s if you want, please upload your logo as well if you have one so I can add that to your page.

Make sure your main photo looks nice with good lightning and no messy backgrounds. The first photo you upload will be your main photo.

Note: I can only allow one project per person!

Please answer the following 4 questions about your animal in the Post Content section below:

  • Which animal did you make?
  • Where does the animal live?
  • What does the animal eat?
  • What makes this animal so special?

Live Collaboration

After reviewing your project I will post it directly on the Collaboration Page. Your project will have it’s own post so it’s easy to share to your following and raise a bit of awareness for the animal you have chosen!

Don’t forget to check back to see if there are any new submissions! You are welcome to post pictures of your progress and discuss your project in our Facebook Community Group

As a thank you for taking part, everyone who submits something for the Collaboration will receive a 15% discount voucher to use in my webshop. Perhaps handy for when my new tools come out! 😉 I will email this code to you but it can take a couple of days to process.

After your submission has been reviewed you can use these social sharing images (facebook cover and profile photo or badge) to show that you have participated in the collaboration (right click – download image)

Please upload your project below: